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Our Team

Tax Assist is a professional income tax consultancy in India for both corporate houses and individual tax payers; the latter comprising Salaried Individuals, Seafarers, Professionals and Non Resident Indians.

With the help of Tax Assist and its team of income tax professionals, taxpayers can minimize their Income Tax liability, maximize their net income and create opportunities to save for current and future needs while maintaining proper accounting standards and income tax returns which are compliant with the Law.

'TEAM' Tax Assist consists of individuals who want to achieve their dreams assisting clients becoming successful in both their professional lives. Team Tax Assist strives to maintain a harmony between work and home. Tax Assist promotes a dynamic and fun-loving work environment with a total absence of 'boss culture'. More than a team, it is like a family working towards one goal: success of the client, the employee and the organization.

The Client Servicing / Relationship Management vertical consists of professionally trained & qualified welfare consultants who have a wealth of experience from large MNC & Indian corporate houses in the financial domain, including Banks, NBFC's, asset management companies, who have held distinguished positions in audit, advisory, investment banking, credit, retail banking, investment & insurance services among others.

The Audit & Accounting vertical is ably supported by experienced & qualified income tax professionals who are dedicated to provide efficient services in a consistent & compliant manner. The consultants include Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, survey & valuation professionals, certified financial planners amongst others who are specialists in various domains like international taxation, audit and company law among others.

The principal members & partners / advisors / associates / consultants of Team Tax Assist are:

A Chatterjee: A confluence of experience across sectors and industry from Finance to FMCG from MNC's to smaller corporate houses, his experience and guidance is pivotal for our clients in restructuring business or for entering new markets.

A Lohiya : A qualified Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Cost Accountant, and an expert in Accounting, Audit, Compliance and Company Law. He has close to two decades of experience in managing large and mid-sized corporate houses and providing end-to-end solutions.

Capt. A Singh : A doyen in the Merchant Navy industry, he is a versatile performer. This 2nd generation seafarer, has experience across verticals & across various fields comes handy at providing optimal solutions to suit all requirements & for win-win situations.

Capt. S K Saha : A quarter of a decade of experience in international waters, he is a wealth of ideas, experience & knowledge. He is an expert in strategy & planning and provides the anchorage to the NRI/Seafaring vertical. The vast repertoire of experience helps to manage the dynamic needs & requirements of clients and the team.

D S Agarwal : Qualified Chartered Accountant and an expert in Company Law, Audit & Strategy, he has decades of experience with various corporate houses and financial institutions including banks.

G Praveenkumar : Qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost & Works Accountant & a Master in Business Administration, he is a muti-dimensional performer. He is an expert in taxation and an encyclopedia of knowledge. His experience & knowledge gained while working across corporate houses is an immense value addition to clients and the team.

Manoj K : A second generation lawyer, young & energetic, with proven ability to turn cases 360 degrees in favor of clients, he is the central pillar in the vertical. Experience gained for years in United Kingdom, provides a sea of experience in international business & law to choose optimal solutions.


N Agarwal : Experience with various MNC's & being a consultant to many corporate houses has provided her immense foresight & experience in her field & she brings fresh thought & standards to the vertical, providing product development solutions across categories to the team.


P Naredi : Decades of experience in taxation, finance & audit, this qualified Chartered Accountant provides impeccable & perfectionist auditing. He has the patience, knowledge & takes the effort to keep accounts & work absolutely compliant as per law. He is the foundation stone in the audit vertical for the clients and the team.


R Agarwal : Almost a quarter of a century of experience with the largest of Indian corporate houses, provides this qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, the experience & knowledge to offer a bouquet of solutions of finance, secretarial, taxation and compliance issues. She is dependable to the last drop and provides a solid foundation to the team and clients alike.


R Bajoria : Experience of almost a decade with the HSBC Group and in the Finance industry. He is a qualified Master in Business Administration with expertise in Finance and he has a wealth of experience in international finance, wealth management, portfolio restructuring, tax, credit appraisals & other verticals in finance.


S Roy : An icon of sorts, he is a first generation media mogul. The face of media in the Asean region & the channel for Indo-Asean relationships, he provides an un-replicable business platform to clients for perusing international interests and a invaluable asset to the team.