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Why have a marine survey?

If you are intending to purchase, insure or finance a boat or if it has been damaged, you should be considering engaging a marine surveyor. The marine surveyor provides his client with a professional opinion of the vessels condition, comments on its defects and makes recommendations for repairs.

I am buying a boat, what type of survey do I need?

If you are looking to buy a boat a Full Pre-Purchase Condition Survey is the most appropriate type of survey. It may also be worth asking for a separate valuation particularly if you require finance or if the boat is over 20 years old, when a survey report and valuation is often requested by insurers. Some surveyors also offer External Hull Inspections or Partial Condition Surveys, the former is also known as an osmosis check when applied to GRP craft. Although these surveys may be less expensive it is very important that the scope and limitations of this type of survey are clearly established and understood before proceeding.

What isn’t included in the survey?

The survey contract will outline the extent of the inspection and lists any limitations. The following items are not always included in a full condition survey and may require engaging an outside specialist i.e rigging above head height, electronics including interfacing, engine and sea trials. The surveyor can usually recommend an appropriate person or may be able to carry out the work himself at an extra charge.

My insurance company requires my boat to be surveyed and valued, how does this work?

Insurance companies will often request a condition report and valuation or appraisal by a surveyor as a requirement for cover, the valuation will normally be based upon a full inspection of the craft and may make recommendations concerning its safe operation, this should be seen as an opportunity rather than a chore.

How do I choose a yacht surveyor?

There are many people advertising themselves as Yacht and Marine surveyors. There is no legal requirement for qualifications, however there is no substitute for sheer experience, training and continuous professional development. For reassurance we would look for membership of a regulatory body as they monitor and maintain the standards of the surveys and reports, they also can provide redress if there is cause for complaint. Any professional surveyor will have Professional indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

My boat has been damaged in an accident, should I employ a boat surveyor?

Following an accident your insurance company is likely to instruct a marine surveyor in order to ascertain the extent of any damage to a craft. You should be aware that in this case the surveyor’s client is the insurer. With this in mind you might consider engaging an independent surveyor in order to look after your own interests and we are happy to do this for you.

I have a new boat, should I engage a marine surveyor?

A marine surveyor can often be usefully retained as an owner’s representative to monitor a new build and will also give a professional insight with regard to working practices and the quality of installations. It may be particularly useful to engage a marine surveyor to carry out a pre-delivery inspection or snagging prior to handover.

What other services are carried out by marine surveyors?

Marine surveyors offer a wide range of other services, including; tonnage measurements for registration, inspections for the various codes and standards including the Recreational Craft Directive, MCA Codes and the Boat Safety scheme. Marine surveyors can also act as expert witnesses and offer marine consultancy services.




  • Select a service that you require
  • Choose a suitable Package or Plan depending on the Work involved the Services required


  • Submit or eMail your Contact details or provide the Client Registration Form
  • Provide basic documents (relevant KYC)
  • Make payment (Gateway, NEFT, Cheque, or Cash)


  • Speak to our Advisor
  • Submit your remaining documents / details by any of the following modes:
    • eMail to
    • Courier to HelpDesk
    • Visit to our Branches
    • or even WhatsApp


  • Once we have finalised, we will send you the Draft for Approval
  • Once approved & submissions made, you will receive Final Documents from us by eMail, courier or visit.


To initiate the process, we will request you to provide us the following basic documents:
(We donot require any original documents. The documents can either be Emailed, Couriered, Physically delivered to our branches or even Whatsapped to us)

    Resident (Individuals)
  • PAN
  • Passport
  • PIO, OCI (if applicable)
  • Aadhaar Card
    Resident (Corporates)
  • PAN
  • MOA, AOA
  • Incorporation Certificate
    NRI's & Expats
  • PAN
  • Passport
  • PIO, OCI, CDC (if applicable)
  • Aadhaar Card

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