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What is the motive behind Mining Valuation?

Mining and metals continue to be among the best performing global equity sectors, but conflicting issues – from “pricing bubbles”, “imminent recessions”, “demand destruction” to “resource scarcity”- are confusing investors. Nevertheless, the importance of mining to the world has become very apparent in recent years, as commodity and equity prices have exceeded most expectations. Therefore, investments in commodities become more attractive as a long-term investment as they are a safe haven in times of economic crisis and provide a protection against currency devaluation. Thus, it is useful to know how to value metals and mining companies.

What is Mining valuation?

Mining is the science, technique, and business of mineral discovery and exploitation. Mining includes all activities related to extraction of metals, minerals and gemstones. Strictly, the word connotes underground work directed to severance and treatment of ore or associated rock. Practically, it includes opencast work, open cut work, quarrying, alluvial dredging, and combined operations, including surface and underground attack and ore treatment.

What kind of risk due Mining Valuation deal with?

​Mining projects may have many different risks, depending on the specific situation of the project. The most serious risks include:

  • Financing risk: Equity (can funds be raised in the market), debt (interest rate, requirement of hedging by the lenders)
  • Permitting risk: Issues associated with geology (size and grade of the mineable portion of the ore body) and how the deposit can be economically mined.
  • Country risk:
  • Political risk (government stability, taxation instability, laws, environmental policy)
  • Economic risk (currency stability, foreign exchange restrictions). Metals prices and metals’ stock performance are strongly correlated to exchange rates and particularly to the US dollar. This is primarily because over 70% of materials production comes from outside US dollar-denominated regions. As the dollar strengthens/weakens it alters the production economics of suppliers and consumers.
  • Geographic risk (transportation, climate) Social risk (corruption, availability of workers and local labour laws, ethnic or religious differences within the indigenous population)

What are the various classifications of Valuation models?

Exploration Properties are those on which an economically viable mineral deposit has not been demonstrated to exist. The real value of an exploration property lies in its potential for the existence and discovery of economically viable mineral deposit. Only a very small number of exploration properties will ultimately become mining properties, but until exploration potential is reasonably well tested, they have very little value. Development properties are those on which economically viable deposit has been demonstrated to exist by a Feasibility Study or Pre-feasibility Study, but is not yet financed or under construction. Such properties are at a sufficiently advanced stage or are former producing mines. There is enough reliable information available to value the property by discounted cash flow methods, with a reasonable degree of confidence. In general, such information includes reasonably assured mineable reserves, workable mining plan and production rate, metallurgical test results and process recoveries, capital and operating cost estimates, environmental and reclamation cost estimates, and commodity price projections. Production Properties are mineral assets that are in production.




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